West Bengal State Council of Technical and Vocational Education Skill Development

West Bengal State Council of Technical and Vocational Education Skill Development (WBSCTVSD) portal has been designed to benefit candidates Institute employees placement agencies, labor contractor, the job provides, self employees person in. It is beneficial to candidates’ future. It is a course of two years. Candidates can enter the course after 10 grade.

What are the full forms of WBSCTVSD?

West Bengal State Council of Technical and Vocational Education Skill Development.

Which year WBSCTVSD was launched?

WBSCTVSD was launched on 5 December 2013 west Bengal brought a bill I assembly (bill no 31)this bill passed on 15 July 2015.  It was set up in year 2005. Then the vocational stream invests Bengal running successfully.  presently this is a similar general stream of H.S education.

The subject of WBSCTVSD:

The course is divided by in two-part class XI and XII.


You can choose 1st language and 2na language from (Bengali/English/Nepali Hindi).

View major subject are listed billow according to Engineering&Tecnology discipline

1..WBSCTVSD- Civil construction and Maintains:

  • It is a part of civil engineering attached with maintains Which all about designing, constructing and maintaining a physical and naturally built environment.like as a bridge, airport, railway, building, rode, etc.

2..WBSCTVSD- Computer assembly and Maintains:

  • It is known as hardware. Memory, Prosser, motherboards, hard disk, input, and output device and more.In additional installing BIOS, and operating systems.

3..WBSCTVSD- Automobile mechanics:

  • It’s a very useful course for them who are planning carrier in maintains and repair of vehicles and other related things.

 4..WBSCTVSD- Consumer and industrial electronics:

It is a course about everyday usable electronics consumers. It helps achieve TV, DVD, video games, a remote control car, cellphone, telephone, laptop, printers, etc course.

5..WBSCTVSD- Maintenance repair of Electrical Domestic Appliances:

  • Maintenance and repair of electrical domestic appliances are course maintenance and repair service of a microwave, washing machine, steam iron, rice cooker, household electronic appliances.

6..WBSCTVSD- Computer application:

  • Today in our society computer knowledge, skills, and abilities have been so important They focus on basics about the computer, graphic design, computer language, and programming photoshops, desktop publishing, using the Internet, etc.

7..WBSCTVSD- It Enhances service:

  • IT Enhance service is used to describe the application of technology to learning and teaching.

The technical drawing is a common subject. Physics chemistry mathematics is also a certified subject.


  1. Mushroom cultivation 2.Marine Fisheries 3.Orgamental fish culture 4.Composting

Home Science

  1. Commercial Art

2.jori and Kantha Embroidery

3. Tailoring 4.Toy Making.

  1. EInteriorDecorations.


  1. Marketing and salesmanship 2.Mordan Office practice
  2. 3.Library and information service 4.Travel and tourism

Business and commerce

  1. Ruler Marketing 2.Maketing


  1. Blood collection assistant 2. Health Worker

What is the salary of West Bengal (WB) Vocational teacher?

The average salary of –
  • counselor -14, 406
  • Teacher-17, 252
  • Principal-2o, 847
  • School Principal-25, 283

What are the gaps in the West Bengal vocational education system (WBSCTVSD)?

  • West Bengal has a scarcity of good training teacher.
  • In this course have to include more subject.
  • West Bengal has a scarcity of correct placement for all candidates.

How can be better West Bengal vocational education system (WBSCTVSD)?

  • The government have to include popper teacher.
  • West Bengal vocational education need to build well-organized infrastructure.
  • The government needs to help to get good placement for all candidates.

Benefit of WBSCTVSD

  • This course helps to improve your forms of knowledge and practical skill in your respective fields.
  • This course is a low cost so a student can be standing can easily.
  • This course help student get to admission good college and get more knowledge easily.
  • This course is highly beneficial for those students who want their employment opportunities to work in the various workplaces.
  • This course gives us a social benefit. Students can work for the country.


The advantage in Diploma Engineering

After passing (X+2)level students can get a chance to enter in 2nd year of Diploma Engineering of West Bengal State Council Technical Education through a VOCLED, JEXPO.


Headquarter office WBSCTVSD

Karigori Vhaban, 5th Floor, Plot B/7, Action Area-III, Newtown Rajarhat, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Online Application for JEXPO- 2020 and VOCLED-2020:

Visit: https://webscte.co.in/, or  click here


Visit: https://exam.webscte.co.in/student/check-Result/, or click here


Visit: http://www.wbscvet.nic.in/result/exam_result.php, click here


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